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PRO Rent a Car | +359887 300963 | office@sofia-rent-a-car.com

PRO Rent A Car is the right place to find the perfect car to rent. We offer wide variety of automobiles,
from which you can pick, in order to suit every need you may have. You can pick different classes, models and brands in different price categories.
If you need to rent a car, turn to us. Our client-friendly and qualified service team will help you pick the
right model according to your need. We will also give you advice on the extra additions, which we offer, as they can save you time and money.

You can choose from:
- economical models, suitable for urban settings and day-to- day use
- standard-class vehicles for longer trips
- luxurious and more presentable model

PRO Rent A Car strives to always have the best prices and quality of service on the market of car rentals.
We give you the opportunity to rent the vehicle not only for a day or a week, but for longer periods of
time as well.

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  • When you rent a car you should know (Part II)

    When you rent a car you need to check if the car is equipped with everything necessary - first aid kit, fire extinguisher, emergency triangle and reflective vest. The car must have valid liability and documents for annual technical inspection. Usually all rent a car companies in Bulgaria include insurance against damage to the car and insurance against theft of the car. Before you pick up the car, check if there are any damages, scratches and distortions that are not described in the condition of the car. It is important to revise the tires condition and do they have sufficient tread depth. And check the tire pressure. As in all large cities in Bulgaria parking in the central areas in Sofia is also paid. The payment for the use of blue zone can be done via SMS, in advance and it is per hour. In our capital there are many parking spots located in the center of the town, both private and municipal. We sofia-rent-a-car.com advise you to be careful for warning and prohibition signs! If the parking place is prohibited the car may be placed to municipal garage. To take back your car you will have to go to the garage and to pay the fine. You can check if the car is taken by phone 02/983 6747. Free parking in Sofia can also be found, but not easy and in remote areas.
  • Summer Excursion to the Panorama with Pro rent-a-car

                           Probably anyone of us knows that the battle by Pleven was the hardest and the most enduring battle of the Russian-Turkush Liberating war in 1877. Namely in Pleven Osman-pasha transmits his sword, and the siege of the city lasts for 5 months, while the capturing of the city is one of the most decisive moments in the war. The museum and the panorama of "Pleven epopee" was built on the 10th of December, 1977, in honour of 100 ages of the Liberation of Pleven. The impressive memorial is built in Skobelev park where during the third attack of the Pleven siege the hardest and the most enduring hostilities take place. The Panorama of Pleven is included in the list of 100 National Tourist Objects of Bulgaria. It's interesting that the body of the building looks like built on four pillars, each of three of them symbolizes three attacks on the city, and the fourth one symbolizes its siege. Inside the Panorama consists of four halls, where every visitor can see various beautiful pictures expressing the moments of grueling and raw fighting. There is no doubt that your breath will stop when you go upstairs to the panorama hall, which illustrates the most dramatic actions of the third attack to the city, and the whole round hall is decorated with impressive pictures of 115 meters high, which show the hostilities. And the most impressive moment ...
  • Common Driving Mistakes

      The sad reality is that most people think they are better drivers than the average person. Statistics-wise this cannot be true of course, but it shows a problems that keeps growing throughout the years and even more so with the development of technology that we see. Also it isn’t quite clear what a good driver really is – is he a good driver who doesn’t go over the speed limit or the one who knows to speed up in the “faster” lane? We have compiled a list of the most common driving mistakes for you to avoid. No matter if you are using rental cars or your own vehicle, this article will be useful for you.   1. Getting easily distracted   It is important to remember that while you are on the road, driving whatever kind of vehicle, you have responsibilities towards other drivers. Sadly, people seem to forget that other drivers aren’t supposed to know what someone has in mind when driving. Many people get easily distracted by things on the road and often they forget to switch lanes, turn on the turning signals or other similar things. This only leads to frustration and can actually cause accidents.   It is important to pay attention at all times. Keep your eyes on the road. It’s OK to glance a road sign, but don’t get too distracted, as you may accidently switch lanes or even drift into the opposite direction lane.   2. Not knowing how to use the pedals ...
  • Summer Business Travels

    The hot season is not officially here, but we can feel it getting closer with each passing day. This means, that the long days and the hot sun are right at our doorstep. Even though this is the perfect time for a vacation, for those of us who are actually working, it is obvious that we have to deal with summer heat, which is even more important, if you have a business trip, which you have to go on. And while this trip may be relatively cool in the right vehicle, you will still need to get out and beat the heat. But at least you can ensure your comfort while one the road by taking advantage of our services in the car rental industry. With our cars you will sure keep the summer heat away and the car will be cool. But right now we have some advice for those of you, who need to go to business meeting in other cities, or they have other kinds of business-related travels. 1. Do you know who the driver’s best friend in the summer heat is? Well, when we put aside the air conditioner in the car, the most important thing for a driver to have by his side is a pair of sunglasses. If you have any experience in driving during the summer days (and even in the winter, actually), you know how terrible it can be for the sun rays to shine right in your eyes, blinding you. Many people have sunglasses, which stay in the car only, they have their own place there. You shouldn’t forget to get a pair as well, as it ensures your safety and isn’t that expensive ...
  • How to Overtake Safely: Tips for Rental Car Drivers

    Overtaking another vehicle is one of the most dangerous manoeuvres while driving, but it is also important stage of driving. It depends on many conditions: rental car acceleration, power, road conditions, visibility, and of course the driver. 1. Ask yourself if it is really necessary to overtake. Can you wait for the next safe passing place? Also, if you know that you are going to be leaving the road shortly, do everyone a favour and stay behind the car in front. 2. Check the oncoming lane. Look ahead - Are there any vehicles in the oncoming lane? Once your complete your overtaking manoeuvre, will there be 100 metres of clear road ahead? Is there a no overtaking line ahead? If there is an intersection, pedestrian crossing or railway crossing ahead, don't overtake. 3. Check your mirrors and blind spot. Is there a car already overtaking you? The use of mirrors is essential. Make sure you have look at it at least 2 times before overtaking.  4. Don't overtake when visibility is poor When visibility is poor due to fog, rain or snow the overtaking is very dangerous.  Avoid overtaking if it is not required and always use the mirrors! 5. Do not overtake if the road marking does not allow Road marking will help you to decide if is allowed to overtake or not. Therefore it is important to observe when overtaking.  6. Evaluate  ...
  • Interesting Facts about Vehicles

    We love vehicles and all news, updates and fun information related to them. And actually we have some interesting facts for you to learn and they are not that well-known either. We have prepared some of them to be presented in this article and we hope that it is going to be interesting. Don’t forget that we are always available and if you need a vehicle, you can always trust us for quality of service and excellent prices for car rentals. You can take a look at all our available vehicles in this website at the “All Cars” page. But let’s get started! Did you know that Ferrari has a set limit of vehicles, which can be manufactured in a day and they never go beyond it, although they certainly can? And this limit is just 14 vehicles! Of course, this is done so because Ferrari is an expensive brand, which has many things to its name. Ferrari values quality and the rarity of such vehicles is one of the reasons that make them so attractive to potential buyers. Almost half of the gasoline consumption in the world is actually in the States. They are the biggest consumer of gasoline, because their public transport is not on par with personal vehicles. This makes the car not only convenient, but it is an actual necessity. There are places that cannot even be reached with other kinds of transportation, which explains why gas consumption is so high. And while we are on the subject of fuel, it is good to know that in order to start the engine ...
  • The Most Important Cars of All Time

      Throughout the years many cars have been manufactured, which with their design, mechanics or presentation made their way into the hearts of people. And no matter what we say, cars definitely shape our society and way of life. However, there are some vehicles out there, which have affected the culture and car manufacturing so much, that they will remain in history as truly iconic. Here we will mention some of them and we will tell you a bit about their history. We haven’t sorted them by importance, but by personal choice. And if you need a rental vehicle, don’t hesitate to take a look at our services. Give us a call if you have any questions   1. Toyota Prius   Why are we opening our list with this vehicle? Aren’t there better suited, more impressive, better looking and more important vehicle to take the first place? There surely are. However, the reason we have picked this one is because we are in such a situation as a society, that electrical cars are indeed our future. And which car better represents the mass produced hybrids than the 1997 Toyota Prius, which became the first hybrid car available to the public. There is no denial how huge the influence of this car is in the growth of the hybrid vehicle market.   2. Porsche 911   Not everyone knows this model, but everyone knows the brand. Actually there may not exist a car enthusiast who doesn’t know what the 911 model really is and represents. What ...

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