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PRO Rent a Car | +359887 300963 | office@sofia-rent-a-car.com

PRO Rent A Car Sofia is the right place to find the perfect car hire. We offer wide variety of cars,
from which you can pick, in order to suit every need you may have. You can pick different classes, models and brands in different price categories.
If you need to rent a car, turn to us. Our client-friendly and qualified service team will help you pick the
right model car hire according to your need. We will also give you advice on the extra additions, which we offer, as they can save you time and money.

You can choose from:
- economical car hire models, suitable for urban settings and day-to- day use
- standard car rentals - class vehicles for longer trips
- luxurious and more presentable model car hire

PRO  Rent a Car Sofia  strives to always have the best prices and quality of service on the market of car rentals.
We give you the opportunity to rent the vehicle not only for a day or a week, but for longer periods of
time as well.

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  • Driving Tips For Summer Trips: How to Drive Your Car Rental Safely Summer Time

    Summer months bring more bicycles, motorcycles, caravans, agricultural vehicles, visiting tourists and seasonal traffic congestion to the roads. This is when children are out of school and more people than usual are on the roads. With more people out and about, drivers need to be extra cautious. If you give some thought to your summer travel in a  car you will ensure everyone arrives safely and can enjoy the trip. Follow these summer safety tips for driving to be sure that you are safe when out on the road in your car. Cheap car hire Sofia airport Plan Your Trip Plan the route beforehand, and travel during off-peak periods if possible leaving ‘more than enough’ time to negotiate the holiday congestion. Check the weather forecast and travel news before and during journeys. Expect to encounter roadwork, delays & detours. Check road conditions, including possible road closures.   Prepare Your Car  Before travelling, make sure your car on hire is roadworthy. Check the following at least daily: Tyre tread and pressures. Oil, water and fluid levels. Head-, brake- and indicator-lights. Make sure all lights work, including signal lights. Safety equipment including warning-triangle, torch, hi-vis jacket, first-aid kit, sunglasses and maps and plenty of bottled water.   When packing for a trip, don’t exceed your car’s payload ...
  • Cheap rent a car Sofia airport - The Most Important Cars of All Time

    Cheap rent a car Sofia airport Throughout the years many cars have been manufactured, which with their design, mechanics or presentation made their way into the hearts of people. And no matter what we say, cars definitely shape our society and way of life. However, there are some vehicles out there, which have affected the culture and car manufacturing so much, that they will remain in history as truly iconic. Here we will mention some of them and we will tell you a bit about their history. We haven’t sorted them by importance, but by personal choice. And if you need a rental vehicle, don’t hesitate to take a look at our services. Give us a call if you have any questions   1. Toyota Prius   Why are we opening our list with this vehicle? Aren’t there better suited, more impressive, better looking and more important vehicle to take the first place? There surely are. However, the reason we have picked this one is because we are in such a situation as a society, that electrical cars are indeed our future. And which car better represents the mass produced hybrids than the 1997 Toyota Prius, which became the first hybrid car available to the public. There is no denial how huge the influence of this car is in the growth of the hybrid vehicle market. Car rentals economy Sofia airport 2. Porsche 911   Not everyone knows this model, but everyone knows the brand. ...
  • Rent a car Sofia - The famous coast Kaliakra Bulgaria

    Коли под наем София - Не сте посетили още прочитият нос Калиакра на българското черноморие? Нищо по-лесно от това – с автомобил под наем от Pro rentacar София можете да стигнете бързо, лесно и удобно до всяко изумително кътче в нашата красива страна, а точно това място определено си заслужава. Прочутият нос Калиакра се намира само на 70 км. североизточно от Варна. Вдаден цели два километра навътре в морето, той също е част от стоте национални туристически обекта, който кара дъха ви да спре когато се изправите пред необятната гледка на черноморието. „Калиакра“ от гръцки означава „красив нос“, като с течение на времето за него се носят най-различни легенди и предсказания. Коли под наем София Един от най-разпространените митове е, че именно от върха му в морето са се хвърлили четиридесет девойки със сплетени коси, ...
  • Rent a car checks before the trip (Part II)

      The safety and the comfort on the road with a rent a car are guaranteed on the base of properly selected car. You have to consider well if the car size meets your needs, think of the number of passengers,the luggage and the place that you plan to visit. If you already know how to turn on the lights, the wipers and the horn of the car is good to check where are the instructions of the car. Typically the documents are in the glove compartment. We from sofia-rent-a-car.com/ recommend before you go to the trip to check the available washer fluid, brake fluid and motor oil. Check also if the air conditioning of the rental car is functioning well. It is good to know what will cover the insurance just in case of damage or emergency situation the way. Research and what is the phone number for roadside assistance. You should ask what fuel use the rental car and refuel the car with the same one. When you return the car the tank should be full refueled as you received it. Otherwise you can be charged extra for refueling. Please consider well how, when and where will you return ...
  • Car hire airport Sofia - Architectural and historical reserve of Bozhentsi

    Car hir airport Sofia - Sights of the remote corners of the country, unique cultural monuments and beautiful views - that is what is available to everyone who travels in Bulgaria by car. Remember that Rent a car Sofia team  is always pleased to help you to choose a suitable car for you! Maybe everybody of us has heard about the area of Bozhentsi and the rich history of the village, but whether all of us have been there?  Indeed, architectural and historical reserve of Bozhentsi is one of the one hundred national historical objects of Bulgaria and it is in the list of UNESCO's cultural monuments, which every Bulgarian would like to visit.Car hire Sofia airport.  Bozhentsi is a small picturesque village which is situated in the Central part of Stara Planina mountains in 15 km from Gabrovo, and a small river passes through it. There are 110 houses and 500 inhabitants in the village. According to the local legends the village was founded by a young female noble (bolyarka) Bozhana and her nine sons more than 600 years ago. Even today, in 21st century, entering the village one becomes immediately immersed in a unique atmosphere, carrying the spirit of rebellious and strong spirit of Balkan.    Visiting this amazing sight you will be able to enjoy the house-museum "Doncho Popov" built back in the 19th century which was owned by one of the richest ...
  • In Sofia with rent a car, Part II

    In Sofia with rent a car  Easily accessible and emblematic place to visit in Sofia are the Historical Museum, the Art Gallery in the Central Park, the building of the Sofia University "St. St. Kliment Ohridski ". In the historic center of Sofia are concentrated most of the sights. Here you can see the remains of the Roman town of Serdika, the church "St. Sofia", which gave the name of the city, the Russian Church, the National Theatre, the former Royal palace. Cheap rent a car Sofia  Then, you can drive by car to the Vitosha mountain, which is one of the symbols of the city. Vitosha is the first national park in the Balkan Peninsula.There you will find unique stone rivers and ground observation, from where you will enjoy the whole glamor of Sofia. Then you can drive to the foot of Boyana church - a monument under the protection of UNESCO. Boyana Church is known worldwide for its unique murals from 1259.   In the vicinity of Sofia the travelers with a rental car can visit one of the greatest cultural monuments in Bulgaria - Rila Monastery, which is listed as World Heritage by UNESCO. It is situated at 1,147 meters above sea level among coniferous forests in the Rila mountain. Car hire airport Sofia   Just two hours drive and you will get the place Rupite, where has lived prophetess Vanga. 2 km east of the village in the “Kojuh” area ...
  • How to Overtake Safely: Tips for Rental Car Drivers

    Overtaking another vehicle is one of the most dangerous manoeuvres while driving, but it is also important stage of driving. It depends on many conditions: rental car acceleration, power, road conditions, visibility, and of course the driver. 1. Ask yourself if it is really necessary to overtake. Can you wait for the next safe passing place? Also, if you know that you are going to be leaving the road shortly, do everyone a favour and stay behind the car in front. 2. Check the oncoming lane. Look ahead - Are there any vehicles in the oncoming lane? Once your complete your overtaking manoeuvre, will there be 100 metres of clear road ahead? Is there a no overtaking line ahead? If there is an intersection, pedestrian crossing or railway crossing ahead, don't overtake. 3. Check your mirrors and blind spot. Is there a car already overtaking you? The use of mirrors is essential. Make sure you have look at it at least 2 times before overtaking.  4. Don't overtake when visibility is poor When visibility is poor due to fog, rain or snow the overtaking is very dangerous.  Avoid overtaking if it is not required and always use the mirrors! 5. Do not overtake if the road marking does not allow Road marking will help you to decide if is allowed to overtake or not. Therefore it is important to observe when overtaking.  6. Evaluate  ...

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