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PRO Rent a Car | +359887 300963 | office@sofia-rent-a-car.com

PRO Rent A Car is the right place to find the perfect car to rent. We offer wide variety of automobiles,
from which you can pick, in order to suit every need you may have. You can pick different classes, models and brands in different price categories.
If you need to rent a car, turn to us. Our client-friendly and qualified service team will help you pick the
right model according to your need. We will also give you advice on the extra additions, which we offer, as they can save you time and money.

You can choose from:
- economical models, suitable for urban settings and day-to- day use
- standard-class vehicles for longer trips
- luxurious and more presentable model

PRO Rent A Car strives to always have the best prices and quality of service on the market of car rentals.
We give you the opportunity to rent the vehicle not only for a day or a week, but for longer periods of
time as well.

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  • Advice for Renting a Car

    Do you need to rent a car, because yours isn’t available? Or you are on a vacation trip and you think that it will be convenient to have a car? Renting a vehicle can give you freedom and flexibility when you travel, and there are some places around the world, where it is pretty hard to travel around without a car. However, renting one can cause some complications during your trip. For example, you can waste your time trying to score the best deal just to realize, that the price goes way higher when you factor insurance, which isn’t included in the price of the current company. Read some of our useful tips on the subject, so that you are completely prepared for your next trip. If you have the need to rent a vehicle, than you can always contact us and use our reputable services in the field of car rentals. Pick the right car for you Think carefully about what kind of vehicle you need exactly. If you are travelling with your kids or with quite a lot of luggage, than renting a van or other spacious vehicle is the right way to go. However, if you just need a car to travel around town and you want to save up as much as possible on the price of the rental and gas, then you would want to take a look at the economy class of vehicles. Booking a vehicle How long will you have use for the automobile? For how long do you need to rent it? This is important, since it will considerable reduce the cost of the rent if you ...
  • Rental car according to your zodiac

      When we buy a car we rarely have the opportunity to choose only by color, shape or design elements. But when we rent a car we have the freedom to experiment, to be eccentric and even to be reckoned with superstitious. What rental car will suit you according to your zodiac sign? Aries - The representatives of this sign are fans of the high speed. They enjoyed fast and furious cars in bright colors. Taurus - They appreciate the comfort and the high-end cars, but usually they are more practical with their decisions. They will rent a car that combines both. A good choice for them are Lexus or Volvo. Gemini – According to their motto "I think" they would choose a rental car that gives them security and safety on the road. Suitable for them Audi or Volvo. Cancer - Timid and shy by nature they prefer small and maneuverable cars. Logical choice for them is Renault or Hyundai. Leo - As the epitome of royalty and artistry this sign needs a luxury car with a driver. The choice for him are Mercedes S320 or MASERATI GranTurismo from the auto fleet of sofia-rent-a-car.com. Virgo - As a practical sign they will choose something economical that is easy to maintain and always ready for the road. Renault Clio and Toyota Prius is the right option for them. Libra - If the representatives of the sign had this opportunity, they would rent different car every day. Therefore convertible is the right ...
  • When you rent a car you should know (Part I)

    To rent a car in Bulgaria you must have a valid driving license and passport. In case the document not issued by EU it is necessary to have it an English. Photocopies are not accepted. The general conditions and requirements include the drivers to have at least 21 years and to have three years driving experience. Normally when you take the car it is provided with a full tank and must be returned in the same condition. The driving in Sofia with headlights is obligatory the whole year. The special car seat is mandatory for children under 12 years and lower than 1.50 meters. They are not allowed also to ride in the front seat. Talking on the mobile phone and driving in the same time is not allowed. You can use hands-free system and devices. The speed limit in residential areas is 50 km/h, and in the outside settlements is 90 km/h. On many key locations in Sofia are placed cameras that monitor the speed. Bulgaria is among the countries with the highest maximum permissible speed on highways - 140 km/h. It is mandatory to put the seat belts and insist all the passengers in the car to do it. It can save your life if you need to stop suddenly, but will also save you from penalties. If you drive over the speed limit with rent a car from sofia-rent-a-car.com and if you have been detected in violation, we will receive the penalty or the fine. Then we will contact ...
  • Types of Drivers We Meet On The Roads

      All drivers have at some point experienced road rage or themselves being enraged. It so happens that we as humans are complex people who sometimes do silly things and then get mad about it. In this article we will take a more humorous look at some of the drivers you can see on the road, while driving your vehicle. If you see yourself in any of these, don’t be offended, but smile and try to react better next time. It is all a joke, after all. And don’t forget that if you need a vehicle, you can always use our rental services and have a car right away.   The first type of driver is the music enthusiast. He is so knowledgeable about music, that he thinks you should know about his tastes in sound, too. So don’t be surprised when you see a car with the windows down, blasting some heavy beat, making you wоnder at which point this will turn out to be breaking the law. Of course, if they are listening to some strange stuff, you can just mistake it for engine sounds.   Then there is the well-known road rager. We’ve all been there and have probably raged for something pretty minor. But there are people out there, who would constantly rage about stuff, like if every day is their worst day on this earth. They are probably the most infamous of all drivers.   And we cannot go without mentioning their complete opposite – the ever happy driver. This is the one that will always let you pass and nothing shakes him. You ...
  • In Sofia with rent a car, Part I

    The Capital of Bulgaria - Sofia is one of the oldest cities in Europe which holds many outstanding examples of religious and historic architecture. Sofia is an attractive cultural center, a place where Eastern and European cultures are mixed, a city of contrasts, beauty and energy.    To fully explore both the city's landmarks and surrounding Sofia monasteries, ancient forests and picturesque places it appropriate to rent a car. Convenience for the tourists is the ability to take the car from the airport "Sofia". To rent a car in Bulgaria, particularly in Sofia is very easy and accessible process. Our employees speak foreign languages and using all popular communication channels. We fromsofia-rent-a-car have extensive fleet and cars for every taste. The tour wit the car can start from the "St. Alexander Nevsky" temple-monument, which is the largestorthodox cathedral in the Balkans. An interesting monument on the "National Assembly" square is the equestrian statue of the Russian Emperor Alexander II. Passing by "Tsar Osvoboditel" boulevard you willreach the Russian Church of St. Nicholas, as well the Museum of Natural Sciences at "Battenberg"boulevard, consideredas the center of Sofia. Luxury shops in Sofia are on “Vitosha” ...
  • Useful tips with Pro rent-a-car

    We from Pro rent-a-car not only think about your comfort and security in your trip, we are with you to inform you about any other important details about your vacation or business meeting as well. For example, using of various credit and debit cards for cashless payments. Undoubtedly, most of you will say that cards are a great convenience which save us much time and effort. Here are some tips from us for greater security when using them: -         Always check the validity of your cards before your travel - this will certainly save you a lot of nerves and time and won't put you in a bad situation, such as to be at a petrol station, with a full tank and no cash.    -         Check funds of your card before travelling so you know exactly how much you have. Always carefully review the amount shown on the display of the  payment terminal and not get distracted, because 12.00 lv. and 1200 lv. differ just by one point. In the case of any irregularity immediately alert staff because after transaction has passed problems are much more and you risk to fail your trip or vacation.    -         If your card is credit, especially without a PIN code, provide your identity card when it is required. A signed note from the purchase and always keep your copy, since in the case of any irregularities it is your document ...
  • Architectural and historical reserve of Bozhentsi

      Sights of the remote corners of the country, unique cultural monuments and beautiful views - that is what is available to everyone who travels in Bulgaria by car. Remember that Pro-rent-a-car team  is always pleased to help you to choose a suitable car for you! Maybe everybody of us has heard about the area of Bozhentsi and the rich history of the village, but whether all of us have been there?  Indeed, architectural and historical reserve of Bozhentsi is one of the one hundred national historical objects of Bulgaria and it is in the list of UNESCO's cultural monuments, which every Bulgarian would like to visit. Bozhentsi is a small picturesque village which is situated in the Central part of Stara Planina mountains in 15 km from Gabrovo, and a small river passes through it. There are 110 houses and 500 inhabitants in the village. According to the local legends the village was founded by a young female noble (bolyarka) Bozhana and her nine sons more than 600 years ago. Even today, in 21st century, entering the village one becomes immediately immersed in a unique atmosphere, carrying the spirit of rebellious and strong spirit of Balkan.    Visiting this amazing sight you will be able to enjoy the house-museum "Doncho Popov" built back in the 19th century which was owned by one of the richest and most wealthy merchants of the village. You will be immersed  in the history and livelihood ...

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