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PRO Rent a Car | +359887 300963 | office@sofia-rent-a-car.com

PRO Rent A Car is the right place to find the perfect car to rent. We offer wide variety of automobiles,
from which you can pick, in order to suit every need you may have. You can pick different classes, models and brands in different price categories.
If you need to rent a car, turn to us. Our client-friendly and qualified service team will help you pick the
right model according to your need. We will also give you advice on the extra additions, which we offer, as they can save you time and money.

You can choose from:
- economical models, suitable for urban settings and day-to- day use
- standard-class vehicles for longer trips
- luxurious and more presentable model

PRO Rent A Car strives to always have the best prices and quality of service on the market of car rentals.
We give you the opportunity to rent the vehicle not only for a day or a week, but for longer periods of
time as well.

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  • Driving Tips For Summer Trips: How to Drive Your Car Rental Safely Summer Time

    Summer months bring more bicycles, motorcycles, caravans, agricultural vehicles, visiting tourists and seasonal traffic congestion to the roads. This is when children are out of school and more people than usual are on the roads. With more people out and about, drivers need to be extra cautious. If you give some thought to your summer travel in a  car you will ensure everyone arrives safely and can enjoy the trip. Follow these summer safety tips for driving to be sure that you are safe when out on the road in your car. Plan Your Trip   Plan the route beforehand, and travel during off-peak periods if possible leaving ‘more than enough’ time to negotiate the holiday congestion. Check the weather forecast and travel news before and during journeys. Expect to encounter roadwork, delays & detours. Check road conditions, including possible road closures. Prepare Your Car  Before travelling, make sure your car on hire is roadworthy. Check the following at least daily: Tyre tread and pressures. Oil, water and fluid levels. Head-, brake- and indicator-lights. Make sure all lights work, including signal lights. Safety equipment including warning-triangle, torch, hi-vis jacket, first-aid kit, sunglasses and maps and plenty of bottled water.   When packing for a trip, don’t exceed your car’s payload capacity. Before heading out, also double check ...
  • Tips for safe driving during the summer season

    According to recent statistics, the summer season, rather than the winter as some would expect, is actually more dangerous for the drivers. As surprising as it is, during the summer months from June through August there have been more fatal car crashes than the winter months in comparison. Of course, there are many variables that affect these rates, such as the rise in automobiles on the roads, which is caused by the vacation season. With the better weather we also see a rise in road works, which often infuriate drivers, making them less cautious on the road ahead. We want to help you prepare for summer season driving. That is why we have some useful advice, by which you can at least partially be sure, that your next adventure on the roads won’t bring any misfortune. If you need to rent a vehicle for your summer vacation, don’t hesitate to use our services. However, our tips will be useful not only for rented vehicles, but for your personal one as well. 1. We cannot stress this enough, but you should always be aware of the condition of your tires. Maintaining your tires will help you reduce the risk of accidents, because the handling is better, you use up less gas and as a whole the life of the tires extends quite a bit. So maintenance of the tires is of huge importance. 2. This may not be directly related to the construction of your car, but it still affects it. When you start packing for your trip, don’t go overboard, if your car ...
  • How to Overtake Safely: Tips for Rental Car Drivers

    Overtaking another vehicle is one of the most dangerous manoeuvres while driving, but it is also important stage of driving. It depends on many conditions: rental car acceleration, power, road conditions, visibility, and of course the driver. 1. Ask yourself if it is really necessary to overtake. Can you wait for the next safe passing place? Also, if you know that you are going to be leaving the road shortly, do everyone a favour and stay behind the car in front. 2. Check the oncoming lane. Look ahead - Are there any vehicles in the oncoming lane? Once your complete your overtaking manoeuvre, will there be 100 metres of clear road ahead? Is there a no overtaking line ahead? If there is an intersection, pedestrian crossing or railway crossing ahead, don't overtake. 3. Check your mirrors and blind spot. Is there a car already overtaking you? The use of mirrors is essential. Make sure you have look at it at least 2 times before overtaking.  4. Don't overtake when visibility is poor When visibility is poor due to fog, rain or snow the overtaking is very dangerous.  Avoid overtaking if it is not required and always use the mirrors! 5. Do not overtake if the road marking does not allow Road marking will help you to decide if is allowed to overtake or not. Therefore it is important to observe when overtaking.  6. Evaluate  ...
  • At the seaside in Nessebar with Pro rent-a-car Sofia

    Undoubtedly, our dear native land has a lot of beautiful and picturesque places, and with  Pro rent-a-car you have a real possibility to visit any of them. Today, for example, we offer you a virtual tour at the worldly famous sea resort of Nessebar. The town of Nessebar is situated in the south-eastern part of Bulgaria, near to Burgas and Sunny Beach resort. When you visit it you have a lot of things to see - various historical sights, beautiful beaches, vast blue sea... It would be interesting to know that, for example, there are 44 churches found in Nessebar by today, while only 18 from them are preserved at the present time. Walkingi in the town, you will have a possibility to see the churches of St. Sofia, St. John the Baptist, St. Paraskeva and many others, and the church of St. John  Aliturgetos, eastern facade of which is facing directly to the sea,  is known as the most beautiful of them. Of course, you can not pass and the Archaeological Museum, where very beautiful and original exposition "Nessebar over the centuries" is made,  it shows different monuments and exhibits from Mesemvria and Medieval Nessebar. Also you will see the Diploma which confirms that the Old Town of Nessebar is included in the list of monuments of the world cultural heritage.  You can observe the 4 halls of the museum and the foyer every day from 09:00 a.m. till 08:00 p.m., at a small price of 6 lv. for adults and 3 lv. for children with an option of ...
  • Rental car according to your zodiac

      When we buy a car we rarely have the opportunity to choose only by color, shape or design elements. But when we rent a car we have the freedom to experiment, to be eccentric and even to be reckoned with superstitious. What rental car will suit you according to your zodiac sign? Aries - The representatives of this sign are fans of the high speed. They enjoyed fast and furious cars in bright colors. Taurus - They appreciate the comfort and the high-end cars, but usually they are more practical with their decisions. They will rent a car that combines both. A good choice for them are Lexus or Volvo. Gemini – According to their motto "I think" they would choose a rental car that gives them security and safety on the road. Suitable for them Audi or Volvo. Cancer - Timid and shy by nature they prefer small and maneuverable cars. Logical choice for them is Renault or Hyundai. Leo - As the epitome of royalty and artistry this sign needs a luxury car with a driver. The choice for him are Mercedes S320 or MASERATI GranTurismo from the auto fleet of sofia-rent-a-car.com. Virgo - As a practical sign they will choose something economical that is easy to maintain and always ready for the road. Renault Clio and Toyota Prius is the right option for them. Libra - If the representatives of the sign had this opportunity, they would rent different car every day. Therefore convertible is the right ...
  • Rent a car checks before the trip (Part II)

      The safety and the comfort on the road with a rent a car are guaranteed on the base of properly selected car. You have to consider well if the car size meets your needs, think of the number of passengers,the luggage and the place that you plan to visit. If you already know how to turn on the lights, the wipers and the horn of the car is good to check where are the instructions of the car. Typically the documents are in the glove compartment. We from sofia-rent-a-car.com/ recommend before you go to the trip to check the available washer fluid, brake fluid and motor oil. Check also if the air conditioning of the rental car is functioning well. It is good to know what will cover the insurance just in case of damage or emergency situation the way. Research and what is the phone number for roadside assistance. You should ask what fuel use the rental car and refuel the car with the same one. When you return the car the tank should be full refueled as you received it. Otherwise you can be charged extra for refueling. Please consider well how, when and where will you return the car. It is better to do it according to the agreement, because otherwise you will need to pay extra fee for the delay.  
  • Interesting Facts about Vehicles

    We love vehicles and all news, updates and fun information related to them. And actually we have some interesting facts for you to learn and they are not that well-known either. We have prepared some of them to be presented in this article and we hope that it is going to be interesting. Don’t forget that we are always available and if you need a vehicle, you can always trust us for quality of service and excellent prices for car rentals. You can take a look at all our available vehicles in this website at the “All Cars” page. But let’s get started! Did you know that Ferrari has a set limit of vehicles, which can be manufactured in a day and they never go beyond it, although they certainly can? And this limit is just 14 vehicles! Of course, this is done so because Ferrari is an expensive brand, which has many things to its name. Ferrari values quality and the rarity of such vehicles is one of the reasons that make them so attractive to potential buyers. Almost half of the gasoline consumption in the world is actually in the States. They are the biggest consumer of gasoline, because their public transport is not on par with personal vehicles. This makes the car not only convenient, but it is an actual necessity. There are places that cannot even be reached with other kinds of transportation, which explains why gas consumption is so high. And while we are on the subject of fuel, it is good to know that in order to start the engine ...

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