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PRO Rent a Car | +359887 300963 | office@sofia-rent-a-car.com

PRO Rent A Car is the right place to find the perfect car to rent. We offer wide variety of automobiles,
from which you can pick, in order to suit every need you may have. You can pick different classes, models and brands in different price categories.
If you need to rent a car, turn to us. Our client-friendly and qualified service team will help you pick the
right model according to your need. We will also give you advice on the extra additions, which we offer, as they can save you time and money.

You can choose from:
- economical models, suitable for urban settings and day-to- day use
- standard-class vehicles for longer trips
- luxurious and more presentable model

PRO Rent A Car strives to always have the best prices and quality of service on the market of car rentals.
We give you the opportunity to rent the vehicle not only for a day or a week, but for longer periods of
time as well.

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  • At the seaside in Nessebar with Pro rent-a-car Sofia

    Undoubtedly, our dear native land has a lot of beautiful and picturesque places, and with  Pro rent-a-car you have a real possibility to visit any of them. Today, for example, we offer you a virtual tour at the worldly famous sea resort of Nessebar. The town of Nessebar is situated in the south-eastern part of Bulgaria, near to Burgas and Sunny Beach resort. When you visit it you have a lot of things to see - various historical sights, beautiful beaches, vast blue sea... It would be interesting to know that, for example, there are 44 churches found in Nessebar by today, while only 18 from them are preserved at the present time. Walkingi in the town, you will have a possibility to see the churches of St. Sofia, St. John the Baptist, St. Paraskeva and many others, and the church of St. John  Aliturgetos, eastern facade of which is facing directly to the sea,  is known as the most beautiful of them. Of course, you can not pass and the Archaeological Museum, where very beautiful and original exposition "Nessebar over the centuries" is made,  it shows different monuments and exhibits from Mesemvria and Medieval Nessebar. Also you will see the Diploma which confirms that the Old Town of Nessebar is included in the list of monuments of the world cultural heritage.  You can observe the 4 halls of the museum and the foyer every day from 09:00 a.m. till 08:00 p.m., at a small price of 6 lv. for adults and 3 lv. for children with an option of ...
  • The famous coast Kaliakra Bulgaria

      Haven't you visited the famous on the whole Bulgarian Black Sea coast Kaliakra  cape yet? There is nothing easier - with a rental car from Pro rent-a-car you can get to every marvellous corner of our beautiful country fast, easy and convenient, and this place definitely deserves it. The famous Kaliakra cape is situated only in 70 km to the north-east from Varna. The cape distinguished by as much as 2 km in the sea, is also included in the list of the hundred national tourist sites, and you gasp when you find yourself facing the immense scenery of the Black Sea. "Kaliakra“ means "beautiful cape" in Greek, and different legends and predictions about it are passed over many years. One of the most common myths is that it is from the top of Kaliakra cape forty girls with braided hair had thrown themselves into the sea, not to be captured by the Ottoman  –  that's why there is an obelisk at the beginning of the nose, the obelisk is called "The Gate of Forty Virgins". Another legend tells that St. Nicholas fled from the Turks and God extended ground beneath his feet ... Seventy-meter shores intercept storm waves and fury of the sea, delving bizarre and breathtaking with their beauty caves and niches. Without any doubt, Kaliakra is one of the most beautiful places on the whole Black Sea coast,  it is declared a protected area because of its beautiful reddish-brown rocks and crystal-clear and clean water of the sea. Rare species ...
  • Advice for Renting a Car

    Do you need to rent a car, because yours isn’t available? Or you are on a vacation trip and you think that it will be convenient to have a car? Renting a vehicle can give you freedom and flexibility when you travel, and there are some places around the world, where it is pretty hard to travel around without a car. However, renting one can cause some complications during your trip. For example, you can waste your time trying to score the best deal just to realize, that the price goes way higher when you factor insurance, which isn’t included in the price of the current company. Read some of our useful tips on the subject, so that you are completely prepared for your next trip. If you have the need to rent a vehicle, than you can always contact us and use our reputable services in the field of car rentals. Pick the right car for you Think carefully about what kind of vehicle you need exactly. If you are travelling with your kids or with quite a lot of luggage, than renting a van or other spacious vehicle is the right way to go. However, if you just need a car to travel around town and you want to save up as much as possible on the price of the rental and gas, then you would want to take a look at the economy class of vehicles. Booking a vehicle How long will you have use for the automobile? For how long do you need to rent it? This is important, since it will considerable reduce the cost of the rent if you ...
  • Summer Excursion to the Panorama with Pro rent-a-car

                           Probably anyone of us knows that the battle by Pleven was the hardest and the most enduring battle of the Russian-Turkush Liberating war in 1877. Namely in Pleven Osman-pasha transmits his sword, and the siege of the city lasts for 5 months, while the capturing of the city is one of the most decisive moments in the war. The museum and the panorama of "Pleven epopee" was built on the 10th of December, 1977, in honour of 100 ages of the Liberation of Pleven. The impressive memorial is built in Skobelev park where during the third attack of the Pleven siege the hardest and the most enduring hostilities take place. The Panorama of Pleven is included in the list of 100 National Tourist Objects of Bulgaria. It's interesting that the body of the building looks like built on four pillars, each of three of them symbolizes three attacks on the city, and the fourth one symbolizes its siege. Inside the Panorama consists of four halls, where every visitor can see various beautiful pictures expressing the moments of grueling and raw fighting. There is no doubt that your breath will stop when you go upstairs to the panorama hall, which illustrates the most dramatic actions of the third attack to the city, and the whole round hall is decorated with impressive pictures of 115 meters high, which show the hostilities. And the most impressive moment ...
  • Architectural and historical reserve of Bozhentsi

      Sights of the remote corners of the country, unique cultural monuments and beautiful views - that is what is available to everyone who travels in Bulgaria by car. Remember that Pro-rent-a-car team  is always pleased to help you to choose a suitable car for you! Maybe everybody of us has heard about the area of Bozhentsi and the rich history of the village, but whether all of us have been there?  Indeed, architectural and historical reserve of Bozhentsi is one of the one hundred national historical objects of Bulgaria and it is in the list of UNESCO's cultural monuments, which every Bulgarian would like to visit. Bozhentsi is a small picturesque village which is situated in the Central part of Stara Planina mountains in 15 km from Gabrovo, and a small river passes through it. There are 110 houses and 500 inhabitants in the village. According to the local legends the village was founded by a young female noble (bolyarka) Bozhana and her nine sons more than 600 years ago. Even today, in 21st century, entering the village one becomes immediately immersed in a unique atmosphere, carrying the spirit of rebellious and strong spirit of Balkan.    Visiting this amazing sight you will be able to enjoy the house-museum "Doncho Popov" built back in the 19th century which was owned by one of the richest and most wealthy merchants of the village. You will be immersed  in the history and livelihood ...
  • Rent a car checks before the trip (Part II)

      The safety and the comfort on the road with a rent a car are guaranteed on the base of properly selected car. You have to consider well if the car size meets your needs, think of the number of passengers,the luggage and the place that you plan to visit. If you already know how to turn on the lights, the wipers and the horn of the car is good to check where are the instructions of the car. Typically the documents are in the glove compartment. We from sofia-rent-a-car.com/ recommend before you go to the trip to check the available washer fluid, brake fluid and motor oil. Check also if the air conditioning of the rental car is functioning well. It is good to know what will cover the insurance just in case of damage or emergency situation the way. Research and what is the phone number for roadside assistance. You should ask what fuel use the rental car and refuel the car with the same one. When you return the car the tank should be full refueled as you received it. Otherwise you can be charged extra for refueling. Please consider well how, when and where will you return the car. It is better to do it according to the agreement, because otherwise you will need to pay extra fee for the delay.  
  • In Sofia with rent a car, Part II

      Easily accessible and emblematic place to visit in Sofia are the Historical Museum, the Art Gallery in the Central Park, the building of the Sofia University "St. St. Kliment Ohridski ". In the historic center of Sofia are concentrated most of the sights. Here you can see the remains of the Roman town of Serdika, the church "St. Sofia", which gave the name of the city, the Russian Church, the National Theatre, the former Royal palace.   Then, you can drive by car to the Vitosha mountain, which is one of the symbols of the city. Vitosha is the first national park in the Balkan Peninsula.There you will find unique stone rivers and ground observation, from where you will enjoy the whole glamor of Sofia. Then you can drive to the foot of Boyana church - a monument under the protection of UNESCO. Boyana Church is known worldwide for its unique murals from 1259.   In the vicinity of Sofia the travelers with a rental car can visit one of the greatest cultural monuments in Bulgaria - Rila Monastery, which is listed as World Heritage by UNESCO. It is situated at 1,147 meters above sea level among coniferous forests in the Rila mountain.   Just two hours drive and you will get the place Rupite, where has lived prophetess Vanga. 2 km east of the village in the “Kojuh” area you will see the ruins of one of the largest ancient cities in the valley of Struma – Petra, existed from ...

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